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ESLA, Elias Saad Luxury Apartments, is one of the largest and most reputed independent real estate developers in Lebanon, solely owned by Elias Saad, Chairman of ESLA.

ESLA is one of the most highly respected construction companies in the region. We serve both international and local markets. ESLA has established its reputation on the basis of its philosophy: “Quality, Expertise and Luxury.”

ESLA’s rich history combined with its extensive knowledge of today’s ever-changing demands, allows us to deliver the best quality-price solutions for our clients.

Construction is a complex and costly process that can challenge even experienced owners. Whatever the scope or nature of the project, our success depends on offering our clients with the utmost experience, competitive pricing, financial strength, professionalism and a commitment to our projects. All our projects meet strict regional regulatory standards as well as the highest standards of quality without fail.

ESLA is a company with a proud name and solid reputation for Quality, Design, and Structure.

What differentiates ESLA:

  • Quality: ESLA’s success comes from its attention to every detail.
  • Expertise: ESLA continues to expand its expertise which it has been developing over the past 20 years.
  • Flexibility: ESLA provides you with flexibility for your needs and wants, not only according to our expectations.
  • Speed: ESLA aims at handing our projects on time, without any delay on the agreed upon time.
  • Location: ESLA develops in the best locations in the best markets.
  • Focus: ESLA focuses on understanding and meeting our customers’ needs with the best possible solutions.